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how to apply

Submit an application for admission

Apply to Michigan State University as soon as possible, but no later than November 1 of the year prior to entry to MSU. 

Submit four essays

The STARR Charitable Foundation Scholarship review panel will focus upon a variety of qualities and characteristics to select the nominees for the award. In order to assist the review panel in identifying these qualities, each candidate is expected to prepare a short essay for each of the numbered items below. These short essays are in addition to the essay that was submitted with the MSU admissions application. Please limit your response to each item to 250 words.

Required essay topics:

  • Describe a meaningful experience, either related to a course or an extracurricular activity, and discuss how this experience exemplifies your ambition and enthusiasm for learning.
  • Part of leadership is the ability to make sound decisions and inspire others to identify and work towards a set of shared goals. Reflect on a leadership opportunity and a) state three characteristics that you believe were key to being an effective leader, b) briefly explain what you learned about your own leadership style, and c) consider how the leadership experience influenced your approach to future leadership opportunities.
  • Highlight a characteristic or skill that uniquely characterizes you. How does it set you apart from your peers? Provide an example of how you have used this skill or characteristic to positively impact others.
  • Briefly describe a situation when you faced a difficult decision. Reflect on a) the alternatives you considered, b) why you selected the alternative you did, and c) the impact of your final decision on you and others (if applicable). What, if anything, would you have done differently?


Submit three letters of recommendation

Acquire three letters of recommendation from individuals who are not related to you and who know you well enough to address how you exemplify the criteria for the award. Notify your recommenders through Letters of recommendation must be uploaded on or before November 1, prior to the year of entry to MSU.

Selection Process

  • STARR applications are reviewed by an appointed selection committee.  A select number of students will be asked to participate in an in-person interview held in Jackson, Wyoming for Wyoming residents and in Marquette, Michigan for Michigan residents.
  • Finalists will be notified by phone if they are selected to receive the STARR scholarship.




All application materials must be submitted by November 1